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Roll on/off chassis DYNO Services for Shops, Motorsports Events or Sessions!

About Revolution Auto Works Dyno Services

Motorsports Events

Revolution has done all types of events from diesel trucks, Mustang Rallies, 4x4 Offroad, Road Rally and Dealership Open houses so we are quite diverse on offering what the customer requests when measuring HP for vehicles.

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Dyno Services

• Load Cell Dyno

• Up to 3000 HP

• Drive-on/off Dyno

• Travel to any location

• Experienced Crew

• National Motorsports Events

• Quantum 2016 Software

Dyno Specs:

AWD 1500 Series Dynocom Trailer Dyno

Trailer 102” wide with 20’ level deck with drive on/off ramps

15000 Series Main Roller with Load Cell

Selectable AWD Front Rollers - Gates Belt linked to main roller & Individual rollers

Maintains correct individual wheel speed in AWD mode

Software upgraded to latest Dynocom Quantum 2016 Software and Firmware.

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